Brian Clough Stand

Built in 1979, the two-tier Brian Clough Stand (formerly called the 'Executive Stand') has a capacity of 9788 seats with over 5700 in the upper tier and 3700 in the lower tier. The stand contains corporate hospitality facilities including 36 Executive Boxes and a 200 seater restaurant.

Also incorporated in this stand is the Loxley Lounge, a bar and dining facility available to Executive Stand season ticket holder on match days.

The Brian Clough Stand was opened in 1980 and lies along the East side of the ground. The stand cost 4.5 million to construct paid over four or five years. The repayments nearly crippled the club, and one season Peter Davenport was sold to Manchester United for 750,000 purely to finance that seasons payment.

The Club say the capacity is 9788 seats, however the safety certificate breaks it down as follows:

Upper Tier:
Public 5747 seats
36 Boxes 288 seats
Lower Tier:
Public 3754 seats
Total 9789 seats