Bridgford End

Work began in April 1992 to replace the existing terracing with this modern, fully equipped facility which houses both home and away supporters on match days. The segregation of supporters is handled through the ground safety operation that is co-ordinated from the Management Suite in this stand. Nottingham Forest prides itself on providing disabled facilities that are among the best in the country, including comfortable viewing facilities behind glass.

The new Bridgford stand was completed in October 1992 at an approximate cost of 4.5 million. It has N F F C emblazoned in white seats across the lower tier. The club say that the official capacity is 7753 seats. The clubs safety certificate, however states:

Upper Tier:
Public 2578 seats
Lower Tier:
Upper section Public 2577 seats
Upper section Wheelchairs 15 seats
Upper section Helpers 28 seats
Lower section Public 2552 seats
Lower section Wheelchairs 22 seats
Total 7772seats