Matt Gillies, born 1921, was a mild mannered Scotsman who had played for Bolton Wanderers during the war and for a few seasons after.

Transferred to Leicester City in 1952 he retired after a few seasons and took a position on the Filbert Street coaching staff.

He succeeded Dave Halliday for the managers role and took the Foxes to two unsuccessful F.A. Cup finals. His greatest success at Leicester was winning the League Cup in 1964, beating Stoke City in a two-legged final.

As a protest over the sacking of his assistant, Bert Johnson, Gillies resigned from Leicester in 1968.

Looking at it now it is easy to see the logic in appointing Gillies as manager of Forest, he had had a successful stint as manager of a relatively small club. However, things were not going to run smoothly for him at Forest.

When Gillies joined Forest things were already bad, the team was struggling and Johnny Carey had been sacked. However, things went from bad to worse and during his first couple of years many of Forest's star players became visibly discontented.

Stars like Hennessey, Newton, Grummit and Storey-Moore all left and relegation was a constant threat. Nothing seemed to be going right for Gillies and this was confirmed when Alan Hill, the goalkeeper who replaced Grumitt, broke his arm so badly that he never played again.

Relegation finally arrived in the 1971-72 season. Gillies stayed on for the start of the 1972-73 season, but with no sign of improvement and a prolonged campaign from the terraces, Gillies resigned in October 1972.

Matt Gilles died on Christmas Eve 1998, aged 77.