The Teams that Won the World's Greatest Football Competition 1871 - 1901

Nottingham Forest won the first ever FA Cup final in 1898!

Contemporary reports of the historic 3-1 win over Derby are few and far between ... until now!


Long-lost historical artefact resurfaces. Your opportunity to own a copy of this rare, almost forgotten 100+ year old collectible booklet covering the teams that won the English FA Cup in its first 30 years and available again after many years.

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In 1872 the Football Association announced the introduction of the Football Association Challenge Cup. It was the first knockout competition of its type in the world. Only 12 clubs took part in the competition: Wanderers , Royal Engineers , Queens Park, Hitchin, Barnes, Civil Service, Crystal Palace, Hampstead Heathens, Great Marlow, Upton Park, Maidenhead and Clapham Rovers. This history of the early years of the competition gives a unique and compelling first hand view of how the competition, and football in general, has developed from its humble and unasuming beginnings to the world's favourite competition.
Tottenham Hotspur, Bury, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, Notts County, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Bromwich Albion, Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End were all proud winners of the FA Cup in its inaugural years, along with long gone but not forgotten clubs like Wanderers, Oxford University, Royal Engineers, Old Etonians, Clapham Rovers, Old Carthusians and Blackburn Olympic.
First published in 1902 in the auspicious Strand magazine,
The Teams that Won the World's Greatest Football Competition 1871 - 1901 is a classic reprint of one of the earliest historical reference materials of the early years of the FA Cup and gives football historians and club supporters the opportunity to own a really important historical account of the world's greatest football competition.

  • a treasure trove of information either for supporters of the clubs involved or historians of the game
  • personal memoires and reminiscences of a player and official who atended the early finals
  • rarely available - this classic reprint makes the booklet - normally expensive on ebay - affordable to fans of the game

Well-written, The Teams that Won the World's Greatest Football Competition 1871 - 1901 is an immensely readable title which remains a entertaining observation on the world of football of a bygone age.
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