Jon Howse Snowboarding (and drinking!) in Austria

The Supporters Cup Winners, Norway

Stanno in Disney World, Florida

More of the same...left to the right:
Nils Magne Glomsaker, Roar Guvaag, Kennet Ekre, Ronny Roberts, Hans Kristian Torset, Geir Andersen, Sverre Nordby, Rune Somdal, Gard Paulsen.
Bjorn Sundfaer, Kjell Vangen, Carl Roberts, Ketil Kristiansen, Oyvind Marcussen, Thomas Kristiansen, Roger Abelsen, Roar Lynoy, Kjetil Andersen.

Antony Wardle in Karori, Wellington (NZ)

Steve Ralling at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Dave Brown Visits the 'high tech' headquaters of The San Diego Police Department

'Comedy Tom', Dave and Pam - Alcatraz, San Francisco


John Parkin in a cactus forest in Phoenix, Arizona

Richard Sundell proudly wearing his new Forest away shirt at his home in San Diego. Dave Brown and 'Comedy Tom' gave him the shirt as a present when they visited Richard during their tour of California, after he had given them extensive help in planning and organizing their trip via the Internet. Richard is an ardent Forest fan and rises at very unsociable hours so he can listen to the games via the Internet.


Young Luc - The Belgian Red

Luc - Still a Forest Fan!

Nottingham Forest Supporters Down-under

BACK (L-R): Brian Kearns, Matt Wilkinson, Ian Aitchison, Chris Briggs, Grant Bridge, Gene Sutcliffe, Steve Reeve

FRONT: Simon Buckingham (coach), Antony Wardle, Brett Davis, Jim Scott, Robert Nunley, Todd Street.

A few Stateside pics from NFSC SW & M5 Branch Member Luke Weaver


Swedish Reds:

Martin, Johannes, Kenneth and Nico


Steve Donis from Australia, proudly wearing the Garibaldi at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) with 95,103 screaming fans watching Australia V Greece on 26 May 2006...