"Forest's No. 1 fan"
Full Name: Eberhard "Ebby" Kleinrensing
Date of Birth: 18 December 1959
Place of Birth: Duisburg, Nr. Dusseldorf, Germany
Occupation: Ebby works as an accountant for his Father's Company, but is now looking for work in Nottingham
First Forest game:

Summer 1978 against Liverpool (Forest won 2 - 0).
Ebby borrowed the cash for the flight from his parents and headed for Anfield, even though he didn't have a ticket for the game! He spend most of the morning wandering around the stadium looking for a ticket tout! Eventually, Ebby was approached by a tout who wanted £150 for a Main Stand ticket, but he only had £120 on him. Needless to say, he handed this over and saw his first ever Forest game. Ebby was so impressed with Forest that he decided there and then that he would like to follow them.

Favourite German side: Ebby has supported his local team in Duisburg and has been to many of their games, but since that first Forest game there has been no other team for him but The Mighty Reds!
Most memorable Forest game: The 1979 European Cup Semi-final 3 - 3 draw with Cologne. The atmosphere was superb and Cologne played very well. Ebby was sitting in the away supporters stand and was the only one wearing a Forest shirt!
Most proud moment: His induction into the Supporters Hall of Fame in June 1999.
Season ticket seat: Ebby sits in The Brian Clough Stand, lower, just on the halfway line. Here, he can drape his formidable flag over the wall where it can been seen at every Forest Home game. Ebby has some special friends, including a young fan named Michael, who he likes to sit with. He says that it is very quiet there though
(can't image that with Ebby around! - ed).
Travel: For Home games, Ebby flies out of Dusseldorf at 16:30 on a Friday, always with British Airways. Ebby stays at the Milford Hotel, next to The City Ground. For Away games, Ebby travels by car with some fellow supporters from Beeston. Ebby spends Sunday mornings, not at church, but at the Variety Club in Radford, where he enjoys the entertainment of a Stripper and Bingo!!! He leaves Nottingham around 14:30 to catch the 16:30 flight back to Dusseldorf.
Cost of following Forest for one season: £15,000 - Ebby has spent over £200,000 following Forest since 1978! Ebby claims he can afford it because he doesn't smoke or drink (he tells us as he downs his 8th pint of strong lager!!)
Marital Status: Ebby got engaged to Heike Atkinson at The City Ground on Saturday 21st October 2000 in front of 20,000 Fans!

Contact details:

D-47167 Duisburg

Mobile: (0049) 171 463 7801
Fax: (0049) 203 511213