Christopher "Irish Red" Rooney's
End-of-Season Internet Fans Poll
Results 2000/2001

Player of the season:-

85% Chris Bart-Williams

8% Ben Olsen

Also mentioned: Jack Lester, Robbie Blake, Dave Beasant

Young Player of the season:-

26% Keith Foy, Andy Reid

17% David Prutton

14% Chris Doig

9% Gareth Edds

Also mentioned: Christian Edwards, Jermaine Jenus, All of them!

Most Disappointing player of the season:-

26% Ricardo Scimeca

21% Gary Jones

15% Stern John, Marlon Harewood

9% Jim Brennan

Also mentioned:- Tony Vaughen, David Johnson, David Prutton, Keith Foy

Most improved player of the season:-

29% Christian Edwards

21% Stern John

15% Chris Bart-Williams

9% Jack Lester

Also mentioned:- Andy Johnson, Gareth Williams, Chris Doig, Alan Rogers, Gareth Edds, None of them!

Unsung Tricky Hero:-

28% Dave Beasant

13% Jack Lester, Andy Johnson

9% Paul Hart

6% Ricardo Scimeca

Also mentioned:- Chris Bart-Williams, Robbie Blake, David Johnson, Christian Edwards, Tony Vaughen, David Platt, None of them!, Branco Struper!!, Ketil Kristiansen!!!, Me - for sitting in the A-block and putting up with our home performances!!!!

Forest Goal of the season:-

25% Scimeca v Burnley (h)

17% Foy v Tranmere(h)

13% Edds v Grimsby (h), All of Bartmans free kicks

8% Bartman v Blackburn (h)

Also mentioned:- Rogers v Burnley(h), Lester 1 on 1 v Gillingham(a), Bartman F/K v Burnley(h), Bartman Pen v Birmingham(a), Marlons 2nd v Tranmere(a), Johns' first league goal since his injury.

Worst Goal conceded:-

18% Wimbledon's winner(h)

14% Too many to choose from

Also mentioned:- Any v Darlington(h), QPR's equaliser, Wimbledon's 1st(h), All Bartman cock- ups, Palace equaliser, Croach v QPR(a), Bolton's 2nd(h), Wolves FA Cup winner(h), Tranmere(h), Bartman v Huddesfield(h), Shipperley's v Barnsley(a), All of them!

Best game of the season:-

38% Burnley(h)

16% Sheff United(a)

13% Crystal Palace(a)

9% Preston (a)

Also mentioned:- Barnsley(a), Blackburn(h), Grimsby (h), Stockport(a), Birmingham(a), Preston(h)

Worst game of the season:-

22% Huddesfield(h)

15% Gillingham(h), Crystal Palace(h)

12% Too many candidates

7% Darlington

Also mentioned:- QPR(a), Sheff Wed(h), Wimbledon(a), Crewe(a), Watford(a), Huddesfield(a), West Brom(a), Watford(h), All the home defeats!

Best Opposition:-

69% Fulham

13% Watford, Blackburn

5% Preston

Worst Opposition:-

20% Portsmouth, QPR

10% Crewe, Tranmere, Sheff Wednesday

7% Wolves, Grimsby, Sheff United

Also mentioned:- Fulham, Crystal Palace, Ourselves!

Best Ground visited:-

34% City Ground

17% Huddesfield

9% Fulham, Blackburn, Wolves, Bolton

Also mentioned:- Sheff Wednesday, Tranmere, Newcastle Breakers!

Worst Ground visited:-

23% Fulham

19% Preston

15% Portsmouth

12% Darlington

Also mentioned:- Crewe, Grimsby, Stockport, Watford, Sheff United, Plymouth!, National Park (Newcastle, Australia)!!

Song of the season:-

18% 'Where's your fat mate gone?'

When the ball landed on the building site behind the goal at Preston, a huge builder (with belly hanging out) went to fetch the ball in the pouring rain. Needless to say it was a bit of a struggle for him, and wasn't helped by the on-mass abuse of the Forest contingent. When the ball went behind the goal again, the poor fella couldn't take anymore and sent his Slim Jim mate to fetch it, hence the chant.

14% 'My Garden Shed is bigger than this, it's got a door and a window...'

A selection of the many others mentioned:-

'Oh Derbyshire's got Foot & Mouth...'

'You're not ringing anymore' - at Portsmouth

'One Barry Evans' - A-block to the Barry Evans (Eastenders character) lookalike steward

'Hello, hello, it's Barry & Pat' - A-block to the Pat Butcher lookalike (another Eastenders character)

'Watford, Watford Rah.Rah, Rah!'

'I never felt more like singing the blues, when Forest win, and Derby lose...'

'Platt out'

'You've lost that lovin' feeling'

All the Derek chants at Fulham

The 'freak' songs at QPR

All the Jim Bowen chants

Most hated opposing player:-

37% Michael Branch (Wolves)

11% Kevin Muscat (Wolves)

6% Saha (Fulham), Ruddock (Wolves), All of them!

Also mentioned:- Dean Holdsworth (Bolton), Steve Claridge(Portsmouth), Fan Zhi (Crystal Palace), Malcolm Christie (D***y), Nigel Quashie(Portsmouth), None of them, Gary Jones!

High point of the season:-

11% Barry Roach penalty save at Palace, Being in the Play Off zone

8% Burnley 5-0 rout.

6% The anticipation before important home games, Winning the court case, Signing David Johnson, The birth of the SW & M5 Branch, Blackburn win, Winning 7 out of 8 in Oct/Nov, The win at Sheff United.

Also mentioned:- Marlon scoring a goal, applause for David Jones, Platt for Southampton rumours, The end, Quiz night, Cheap season tickets, Ben Olsen, Robbie Blake, was there one?, WBA at home

Low point of the season:-

44% Dropping out of the Play Off zone, then ending up a disappointing 11th.

9% Watford away, Gillingham at home.

6% Wimbledon away, Benali on loan, Losing to useless opposition.

Also mentioned:- Most of it, Rogers injury, QPR away, Thinking of Boerge enduring his first Forest match at Wimbledon, The end, The idiots who booed the team off at half time v Blackburn, blake leaving, Crewe away, Not going up, Platt not going to Southampton, Darlington Cup defeat, Everything after West Brom at home!

Best Forest website:-

50% (Official site)

26% (U-Reds)

8% (NFFC Pressroom)

5% (Forest Fire), (Tricky Media)

Also mentioned:- (Trent End); (The Eye); (NFSDU)

Best other football related website:-


8% ;;;

Also mentioned:- (inc.Cartoon match reports); (Sky Sports); (Newcastle Breakers); (Geese, Biscuits & LUFC); (Craig Boardmans Boots); (Telegraph Fantasy Football); (Quizmatch); (Footie 51); (Football Unlimited);

Mailing List Contributor of the Season:-

38% Dave Brown

21% Bones Taylor

7% Dave Morgan, James Bates, Matt 8)

Also mentioned:- Wim Van Walle, Tom Littlewood, Jeff Fidler, Everyone that contributes to the list, Variety is the spice of life, Me...for doing this poll!, Elvis or Lennon!!

Biggest moan at NFFC:-

29% Non vocal supporters

15% David Platt

12% Players lack of passion

12% Bridgford Lower allocated to away fans

9% Atmosphere in the Trent End now the families have 'moved in'

9% Not buying Robbie Blake

Also mentioned:- Not playing 'pretty' football, Lack of money, Treatment of Beasant, Forest stewards

Prediction for next season:-

14% 1st, 2nd, 5th

11% Top Six

9% 3rd, 9th, Top Ten, Mid-Table

Also mentioned:- 4th, 6th, between 4th & 7th, Just outside the play-offs, 19th!

Hopes & Aspirations:-

Like in previous years, it has been difficult to table these results in percentage terms due to the overwhelming amount of different points raised in this category. So what I've done is only count answers given more than once. I’m sorry that I couldn’t include all of your points, but I have included a selection of your replies.

26% Promotion

8% More vocal home support

6% Psycho to become manager, Platt to go, More passion from the players, Better consistency

5% Goals from Lester John & DJ, That Platt improves as a manager

3% Nigel to become manager, Youth to blossom, Sign a decent winger, Keep our best players, That we start playing 'Forest' football


'Promotion, although I think it's extremely unlikely' - Adrain Swann

'That the home fans SUPPORT the team' - Bones Taylor

'Platt to leave, Toshack to take over and win us the league immediately' - Kevin Lockhart

'PROMOTION! Bart, Rogers, Johno signing up, 20 goals from one of our strikers, greater home support, more consistency and Olsen to sign up (in order of preference.' - Sol Pearch

'To get Nigel and Pyscho to take us to glory' - Tom Littlewood

'Continuing the use of home-grown talent in much the same way that Leeds have to such good effect. Two years to go, I estimate...' - Steve Ralling

'Lots of goals from John, Johnson and Lester' - Gary Mckenzie

'Promotion and the return of Psycho as manager.' - Keith McCormick

'Forest promoted, Sheep relegated' - Jon Heath

'THE TREBLE!' - Todd Street

'A better season than this one!' - Gemma Dexter

'Promotion - is it just a dream? Retain the bulk of the 'committed' playing staff and get rid of the dead wood. Platt to get some tactical help from God (BC of course) Another successful Quiz Night with you attending :O) - The fans to get behind Platt (okay I called for his head but if the board are going to stick with him then the least we can do is TRY and give him our support (like sucking on a lemon)) )' - Dave Brown

'That the home crowd could match the away crowd for support and get behind
the team, and that we buy somebody to play wide!' - Steve Lakin

'Youth Players really come of age' - Bryn Morgan

'Getting more consistently, and higher performances levels' - Rob Raynham

'Hope injuries don't cripple our season again.' - Stefan Clifford

'Platt is unveiled as the new Watford team coach asap.' - CJ Spencer

'Promotion. The return of Psycho. Pass and move' - Mark Roe

'Flying back to Cardiff for the Play-off Final. Even better ... flying back for our last home game after we've clinched the Championship.' - Pete Indge

'Champions! Automatic promotion is a must' - Dave Morgan

'A Bloody Miracle!' - Paul Cassidy

I would like to see a more consistent team, with apparent pride in wearing
the shirts. The passion that the fans have shown, to be shown by the
players on the pitch. More consistent performances, rather than the great
one week, followed by the dreadful the next. The team having more idea of
what they are supposed to be doing, know what formation they are supposed
to be playing. A striker that scores goals, and a manager that appears to
know what he is doing. Finally achieve promotion, stay up and build.
That's what I'd like next season and beyond. - Ian Copping




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