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Steve Ralling
Kev Lockhart
"Red Kev"
Steve Stanton
Dave Brown
"The Plymouth Red"
"Trent End Tricky"
Rob Raynham
Wim Van Walle
"Red Devil"
"Bones" Taylor
"Always look on the bright
side of life, de dum..."
Charlie Gordon
Ian Copping
Stefan Clifford
Paul Cassidy and Son
"Tank" and "Tank Jnr"
Darren Shakesby
Gemma Dexter
Ketil Kristiansen
"The Norwegian Red"
Karen Lockhart
Peter Sohal
"Minneapolis Red"
Gareth Moore
"The Welsh Red"
Christer Lindström
Colin Wright
Antony Wardle
"Kiwi Red"
Rob Gillard
"Exiled In Pompey"
Doug Sutton
"Strong in defence- Fluent on the break"
Chris Rooney (circa 1978)
"Irish Red"
"Belgian Red"

Stephen Cordon
Paul Young
Slade Stevens
Simon and Fiona Hough at the Grand Canyon