Norm presents a signed Welsh International shirt to the lucky raffle winner

Lurch shows Youth Academy Director Bob Fairhall who's Boss!

Johnno enjoys a night's racing while Chetts puts a friendly arm around 'new boy' Jack Lester (what have they done to you at Barnsley Chetts?!!!)

Nigel Quashie tries to pretend that he's not having a good time, while Andy Gray clearly is! Marlon is busy studying the form... and it payed off - he backed Norm's dog "Hartston Flyer" to win, and it did by about 5 lengths!!! Marlon went ballistic with his celebrations until someone pointed out that he had only put £2 on it!

Last of the big spenders eh Marlon?!!!

Tank enjoys his evening, whilst Andy Gray looks nervously on as Nigel Quashie demonstrates his ability not to smile for a whole evening!



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