End of Season Quiz Night 2001

15 April 2001 - Commercial Inn, Beeston

Once again, Dave Brown "The Plymouth Red" came up trumps and entertained Forest Fans from all round the globe with the Annual Internet End-of-Season Quiz.

John Parkin was presented with the U-REDS.COM PREDICTIONS COMPETITION Winner's trophy for the second year running - well done John!

Here are a few pictures taken during the evening:
Full size electronic copies (1280x960) are available on request from [email protected]

"The Red Dogs"

Jean and Dave Sandle

Anne Marks, Cherry, Thomas and Keith Goodson

Roy, Joan and Georgia

Steve and Kerrie Stanton

Dave "The Plymouth Red" (Quizmaster)

John Hill and Jeannette

Reg and Dorothy Brown

"Swanny - How I Love Ya" from USA

"Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Still Dead"

"Meat and Two Veg"


"Tank", Amanda and Dave Morgan

The Lockharts - "Cunning Linguists"

More Dave Brown...

... cheeky chappie!

Drag Ass Team 2001 - "Dion's Disastrous 7"

John Yates and Bryn Morgan
(joint auction winners of Ben Olsen's shirt)

"Reigning Katz'n'Dogz"

Reg and Dorothy Brown and "that" shirt

Cherry Goodson wins a day on Trent FM

This year's Winners...

... "Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Still Dead"


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