'Tank', Steve Ralling, 'Trent-End-Tricky', Ketil Kristiansen and Rob Raynham

Mark Crossley (and is that Nigel Mansell in the background?)

Steve Ralling and Ian Wright Wright Wright
Cherry Goodson and Steve Ralling present a home shirt to John Burns on behalf of the Beeston Branch of the Supporters Club

Marlon Harewood

Ian Woan with home kit sponsors

Rob Raynham, 'Tank', Gareth Moore, Ketil Kristiansen and Jesper Mattsson

Andy Johnson with sponsors

Dave Beasant with sponsors

'Trent-End-Tricky', Gareth Moore, Rob Raynham, Ketil Kristiansen, Tim Farr, Ian Woan and 'Uncle Fester'

Rob Raynham, Jesper Mattesson, Ketil Kristiansen and 'Tank'


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