The Tattoo Process

Well, I decided to get another Forest tattoo done as it has been three years since my first one.

Kev though it would be a good idea to capture the moment on film, so armed with his trusty digital camera, we headed off to the local tattoo parlour - 'Mark of Distinction' in Beeston.

I decided that I wanted the Nottingham Coat of Arms - our old Club badge. This is quite an intricate design but I had total faith in my tattooist, Jim!

The tattoo took approximately 45 minutes from start to finish and I am very impressed with the final result. Healing time is typically 10-12 days, during which time a slight amount of 'scabbing' can be expected (although this can be minimised by covering the new tattoo with clingfilm for the first 3 days).

Here are the pictures taken at various stages of the process (click on thumbnail to view full-size):

For those of you thinking about having a tattoo done, I would recommend that you think carefully before choosing your design.
Remember that it will be with you all of your life, and maybe longer!

I would also recommend Jim of "Mark of Distinction" in Beeston - he does a great job and is very professional.

Jim told me he had a D**by fan in for a tattoo the other day and he told the sheep-shagger "I will do your 'Derby County' tattoo... but I will leave out the 'o' and the 'y'" - Top Man!

This tattoo cost £55.00 and my first tattoo, the Forest logo, cost me £45.00.

Go on - have one done - you know you want to!


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