03/01/2000 Charlton
3 - 0

It was business as usual at The Valley as Charlton ran up their customary victory against Forest. Charlton are a terrific side at Home, and the last thing any visiting team needs is to concede an early goal and be forced to chase the game. Unfortunately for the Reds, that was the scenario they faced here, going a goal behind after only 7 minutes. Greg Shields opened the scoring, and what a belter it was! Collecting the ball some 35 yards out, he advanced a few yards and unleashed a pile driver from 25 yards that had Beasant grasping at thin air as the ball flew past him into the top corner.
Most of the travelling contingent, and those forced to listen to the radio, had visions of Forest caving in and getting a real hiding, but to their credit they did try to force their way back into the game. Indeed, for the first 20 minutes of the second half, they really took the game to Charlton and looked capable of rescuing a point at least as they created chance after chance without managing to convert any. Forest had Charlton pegged back in their own half for long periods, always running the risk of being hit on the counter, and it was in this manner that Charlton extended their lead after 69 minutes.
Pringle won the ball in his own half and played the ball to Hunt. Galloping away almost un- noticed was Stuart. Depressingly for the Reds, Hunt picked him out and played a perfect ball through, and Stuart was left with the simple task of beating Beasant who had ben left horribly exposed.
Two up and with confidence restored Charlton set about Forest with renewed vigour, looking capable of scoring everytime they went forward, and The Valley faithful didn't have to wait too long for their teams third and final goal of the afternoon.
A rather hopeful looking ball from Shields found Hunt lurking just outside the Forest box, and a combination of knee, shin and heel somehow left the ball at the strikers feet. From just inside the box he beat Beasant with ease and it was Goodnight Vienna for the Reds. And so endeth another unsuccessful away venture.
Forest Man-of-the-Match: David Prutton


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No. Player Scored Cards
  JOHNSON  Substituted    
40  PRUTTON       
11  HAREWOOD  Substituted    
  FREEDMAN  Substitute (On for 10 )    
WILLIAMS  Substitute (On for 6 )    


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