22/01/2000 West Brom
0 - 0

A lacklustre performance by Forest saw them once again fall into the grasp of the other Division One strugglers. Too good to go down? Don't you believe it! The remainder of the season will be a battle against the dreaded drop into the wilderness that is Division Two.
As an attacking force the Reds were non-existent, and only two top class saves by Beasant prevented West Brom from leaving with all 3 points. Twice the normally lethal Lee Hughes was left shaking his head in disbelief as Lurch denied him. First an instinctive one handed save turned away a snap shot, and on the hour Hughes beat the offside trap and was one on one with the keeper. This time Beasant kept his head and rushed out at the striker, saving well with his legs.
It really is very difficult to write anything positive about todays performance, everybody with the exception of Beasant under performed. I keep telling myself that they are better than this, but are they really? Or is it all down to the Manager?
A few miles up the M1, a certain Mr Bassett has a very ordinary group of players sitting comfortably in 3rd place. Perhaps back packing around the world picking up ideas from foreign coaches wasn't such a great idea after all.
I would have a little more faith in Platt if he at least sounded as though he had been to the same game as me when I listened to his post match interviews. He certainly doesn't inspire me, and it looks as though he doesn't inspire the players either. Surely it's time for more than just waffle.
Forest Man-of-the-Match: Dave Beasant


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No. Player Scored Cards
  BONALAIR  Substituted    
40  PRUTTON       
  JOHN  Substituted    
  PETRACHI  Substitute (On for 6 )    
11  HAREWOOD  Substitute (On for 9 )    


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