25/03/2000 Blackburn
0 - 1

I didn't sense a lot of love in the air today and it was easy to see why, as without any fear of contradiction I can say that this was easily the most inept, spineless performance I have ever had the misfortune to witness. This side appears not to realise the position they are in. So just to clarify things for any of you guys who might at some stage read this report, you are about to be responsible for this once great Clubs darkest and most shameful hour, because just one more performance like this and this team is GOING DOWN!!!!!! . I can only hope that the players know something that we don't ( perhaps one more cowardly performance would see the demise of Fishhead and they deliberately didn't try ) because if this is the best they can manage then God help us, even in DivisionTwo.
Only one effort worthy of mention, Marlon's great turn and shot that was well saved by the keeper, otherwise it was so bad it was embarrassing.
Blackburn's goal was a complete joke - Ward starting and finishing the move. When he passed the ball out wide he was allowed to stroll into the box totally unmarked, and when the ball was knocked in 5 Forest players allowed it to continue on it's way without the merest hint of attempting to intercept it and Ward was left with the simple task of side -footing it into the empty net.
Forest's ( especially Beasant's ) distribution was shocking, which at least could not be said of the crowd. Their distribution was awesome as every single Forest player got his fair share of abuse - and rightly so. Amazingly it took the best part of an hour for the ' Platt out and Sack Platt' chants to start. They started as a whisper but by the end people were baying for his head to be displayed on a PLATT- er. He got his second vote of confidence earlier in the week from the Chairman, let's all hope that this sort of thing follows it's usual course and that the Manager will be gone by the following week. Surely he can't continue to hang on. If the man has got any balls at all he will walk away and allow Paul Hart to save us while there is just about enough time to do so.
Forest Man-of-the-Match: No-one fit to wear the shirt


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No. Player Scored Cards
LOUIS-JEAN  Substituted    
BRENNAN  Substituted    
40  PRUTTON       
11  HAREWOOD       
  FREEDMAN  Substituted    
  WOAN  Substitute (On for 3 )    
  JOHN  Substitute (On for 10 )    
10  LESTER  Substitute (On for 2 )    


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