Nottingham Forest Memorabilia from the Clough Years !

Nottingham Forest Memorabilia pack - reviewed by Richard West

This is surely a must for Forest fans young and old.

Relive Nottingham Forest's triumphs home and abroad under Brian Clough.

Containing good quality replicas of programmes and tickets from major finals, the pack also features rare items such as copies of player contracts, detailing salaries and bonuses and also itineraries for teams and officials during major finals.

The pack plots 'Ol big 'ed's fortunes from January 1975.

Included is the first Forest program under BC, through two European cups and numerous trophies on the home front.

Read interviews in the Nottingham Evening Post following the two triumphant nights in Munich and Hamburg.

Perhaps on a down side, disappointingly not included are programs or items relating to the FA Cup final defeat against 'Spurs' or the final home game under Brian Clough's reign.

With some very special items from Nottingham Forest's history and artifacts not normally available, this pack is very good value at £15.99 and is available from WH Smith.



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