4th August 1999
The City Ground
Steve Ralling; Kev Lockhart; Stanno

Steve:    Basically, Kev and I run our own IT companies and Stanno's a sales manager. We're all members of the Beeston Branch of the Supporters Club and I had a talk to the chairman of the branch one night and said you haven't got anything on the Internet why not? He said that they wanted to, but nobody's actually done it so I said right leave it to us and we'll get it up and running.  It originally started off as just the Beeston Branch site but obviously you can't do a lot with that once you've said whose on the committee so we decided to make it more of a general Forest site talking about the personalities and things about the team and everything like that so what do you think of the internet and have you had any exposure to it?

Larry:    Well it's a thing of today and not only that it's a thing of the future.  At the moment I'm in the process of learning computers myself.  I'm of the generation where we had an abacus to count so, you know, I think its vital now that everybody, certainly in business, but everybody, just for the sake of the future gets to know the ins and outs of a computer. Certainly  how to operate one and what is available to you with a computer, so yeah I think a lot of it that's why even at my age I'm sort of learning all the time about them.  I've got my own in the house and I'm on the internet so I have a little play around on that so yeah I'm all for it I think it's a damn good thing.

Steve:   Have you visited our site yet?

Larry:   No I haven't .

Steve:   Because you don't know where it is?

Larry:   . because I'm in the process of getting it upgraded. Its three years old, its ancient isn't it.

Steve:   Absolutely, well 6 months is old nowadays.

Larry:   Well mine's 3 years old I'm in the process of taking some advice on either ditching it or getting it upgraded. I don't think I'll get it upgraded you know.

Steve:   The web site address is on that (hands Larry a card) so if you get the chance pop along and have a look.

Larry:   Yeah, well what I'll do when questions start coming in on the show I'll keep that on the Century file and get on with that.

Kev:       I went to the EGM last week and two things there made me think that there was some sort of animosity or paranoia about the internet within the Forest camp and I was wondering is that a true feeling, did I read it right or were they just isolated incidents.

Larry:   Well what I pick up is that sort of three or four sites, there's yours, Jeff Peabody, you probably know Jeff or you've heard of Jeff.  Correct me if I'm wrong but he does the official Forest site and you do the Supporters.  There's one, somebody in Peterborough, trying to muscle in cos he's written us a letter a Century, trying to muscle in and Jeff's a bit pissed off with it. I told Jeff actually that I was speaking with you today and he said that's great, that's no problem, they're okay no problem but he said there were some cowboys in Peterborough trying to muscle in or something.

Steve:   Oh right we've not come across that one, its not the Eye, they're not in Peterborough are they?

Larry:   No, the eye isn't, that's Carl in Vancouver.

Steve:   Yes, they can be a little bit tongue in cheek sometimes.

Larry:   Yeah, but now that everybody up in the offices, particularly Phil Soar and that lot, now they've realized its tongue in cheek, he upset them in the beginning .

Steve:   Well they never name names but they will say, you know, so and so who does so and so in the club and you'd think that's me isn't it.

Larry:   Yeah, the galloping something he called someone it was obvious it was Phil Soar, so everyone knew who it was and of course they got a bit pissed off. Whether there's animosity towards them now, I don't think so. I think they realize now that if its responsible people running it then you know it can only do us good can't it.

Steve:   It's a very powerful medium, we've got people who look at the site on a daily basis from all over the world, literally all over the world, we've had a social evening a few weeks back and we had a couple over from Salt Lake City you know, a guy from Plymouth etc.

Larry:   On Jeff's site, you know the Forest Site, you know there's Carl in Vancouver they link up and I've had e-mails and all that from people in bloody Hong Kong and all over the shop, I'm saying its good and as you say it's a strong medium.

Steve:   Yeah I think it's alright so long as you're putting the right stuff forward.

Larry:   One question I want to ask you I mean this ain't for the interview its for my own personal thing.  You know how you say 'visit your site' what do you get out of it?

Steve:   Nothing.  Late nights staying up sweating over a hot computer, it was 4 o'clock the other morning.

Larry:   Well yeah okay, that I understand as well, but you don't get 1 a visit or something?

Steve:   No. We do it for the love of the club, we don't get a penny, and we actually pay to run the site.

Larry:   Why do people do it then, can I ask you, your love of Forest I accept that.  I was watching a thing on breakfast television you know cos I'm always interested and its for my further education, you know the cam sites I mean there's this woman in Glossop with a camera pointed at a famous valley and she's got a web site and that GMTV they've got into that and they show you the actual picture coming from the Glossop valley, I said to Debbie, that's my wife, I said what the f*#ks she done that for what's she making out of it. Then it went on and she said she had 1000 visits last week to the site - just to see a valley in Derbyshire.  That's a question I've been meaning to ask all you computers people, do you make out of it financially?

Steve et al:  No. 

Steve:   There are commercial sites out there but we aren't. We just do it as a hobby. I pay over a hundred quid a year just to have the thing, no we do it for the love of Forest cos we're supporters its another way of supporting the club you know.

Larry:   That I understand, I know you and other clubs have got their sites but like this woman I've just quoted! Perhaps if you have a page yourself, like me, if I'd got one myself, advertising my after dinner speaking and stuff like that, my money would be made by "oh yeah lets book Larry Lloyd then".

Steve:   True, but we aren't really interested in that. We do it purely as a hobby and an extension of our support for the club.

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