4th August 1999
The City Ground
Steve Ralling; Kev Lockhart; Stanno

The interview with Larry was quite long. He originally told us he could spare half an hour to answer a few questions for us. However, Larry is a likeable bloke when you meet him, and like a lot of ex-footballers, very keen to talk football, both the modern game and 'the good old days'.

All in all we got over an hour and a half of audio tape from the interview and this has taken a considerable time (especially for Karen) to type in and edit down to a manageable size. As it is the finished document was just too big to download in one go, taking over two minutes; so we have broken it down into three more manageable chunks.

Page 1 consists of the introductions and a discussion on the Internet. Pages 2 and 3 are all about Forest and football in general.

So, a special thanks to Larry for his time and effort, and we hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we enjoyed doing it.


Special thanks to Karen Lockhart for typing up this epic!


It was a very warm morning when we arrived at the City Ground. Larry came to meet us in reception and led us all through the building, out through the players tunnel  and  into the main stand where we sat, just behind the managers dug out. It was nice, cool and shady, as we watched the groundsmen cutting the turf, which I must say looked in superb condition.

Steve started of by introducing us all to Larry and explaining what we all did, now read on:

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