Ebby Kleinrensing - Forest's No. 1 fan
James Dean Bradfield - Manic Street Preachers
Jim Lester - MP
Ken Clarke - MP
Lee Westwood - Professional Golfer
Su Pollard - Comedy Actress
Ian Paice - Musician
Wim Van Walle - Musician
Luis Felipe Scolari - Brazilian National Coach
Nail Tolliday (from Nottingham-based "Bent")
Jeff Barret (founder of Heavenly Records)
Defunkt indie-band "Sultans of Pings FC" infamously recorded a track called "Give 'em a ball and a yard of grass" about Nigel Clough and were keen forest fans!
KWS recorded 'Please don't go' and dedicated it to Des Walker!
Phil Glanfield's Amazing Home!